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Client Testimonials  

"Thank you for all the work and time you put into my case.  I am fully aware that you went above and beyond the norm, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for your patience…"



"You helped us see past our present pain and enabled us to focus on creating a future which we're both living in now, in a much better place."



 "You're a great guy. I love to work with someone who is considerate, level headed and reasonable, and I feel as though you know me..."  



"Although this has clearly been a difficult process, I am deeply grateful for your assistance in getting us to this point. Your professionalism and compassion were uniquely blended to keep us moving thoughtfully forward and, most importantly, with a primary focus on our son's well-being. I have already reccommended your services to a colleague and will continue to do so if the occasion arises. Best wishes to you for a wonderful summer and again, many thanks."  



"We came into your office doubting we could even talk to each other without our anger getting the best of us. But we did it. Thank you for making this process so much easier on us and our children."  



"Thank you so much for your aid in my divorce proceedings. You helped make a potentially hot situation go smoothly."



 "In mediation we looked at divorce as a family problem, not just as a legal problem."



 "Thank you for patiently getting us through this process. Your patience and professionalism I regard highly."



 "You made me feel very comfortable. This stuff is pretty overwhelming  and  you made it much easier for me."



 " Big adjustment,but finally I can breathe.  Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, and I thank you every day for helping me get to that place."  



 "Siimply put, you are an Angel, doing God's work."  


"Hi Adam, 

I just wanted to let you know that N and I were chatting on the train home last night and we were saying that we both are really impressed by your skill at mediation.  We think you are doing a wonderful job.  While this is a very difficult time for us, we both feel fortunate that we have you to help guide us through this."  



"I credit you for the fact that my ex-husband and I have had such a loving relationship during our long separation."



"You and I spoke on the phone once but in the end my husband M hired you. You acted as his advocate in the context of a completely collaborative process arriving at a mutually satisfactory separation agreement, which we siged last July. Thus, I was not officially your client, but together with M I benefited from your expertise. You knew stuff other lawyers we consulted didn't know, and you thought of angles other lawyers we conulted didn't think of."



 "On behalf of my three children, I would like to thank you for having stood by my side for these past 3 1/2 years all the way through to having my freedom thus giving me liberty and for having helped  secure my children' s bonding with me."  



"Adam, I cannot begin to thank you for your patience and sensitivity throughout this entire period of time. I can well understand that, many a time, it must have been extremely awkward for you, yet you always maintained an objectively and professionalism which I appreciate and admire. Thank you for all your help."



From a Divorce Attorney 

"I am writing you this letter because I want to make you aware of an extremely gifted mediator with whom I have worked on several cases.  Adam had helped the litigants in each case work through complicated financial matters as well as extremely difficult custodial and visitation issues.  I have never met an attorney or therapist who has assisted both parties more skillfully through the mine fields of parenting time and holiday schedule. He has gently but firmly guided each party to a reasonable resolution. Because I am aware how difficult, contentious, time consuming and expensive dealing with parenting time and, specifically, holiday scheduling can be (not to mention financial matters), I wanted to bring Mr. Berner to your attention as he is uniquely qualified in this area.  The intellectual honesty, and quite frankly, moral imperative he brings to the mediation table is impressive." 



From a former client who eventually reconciled with her spouse

"I’m not sure if you remember me and my husband B. You helped us to divorce approximately four years ago.  Thanks to you, the process, albeit the pain, was done with tremendous love and care.  We have always been grateful to you for your efforts to help us through a difficult time. About a year and a half ago, B and I reunited.  After four years of separation, we grew so much individually and together, that we found a new love and respect for one another.  I am not sure this could have been possible without your guidance when we initially separated. Our son, L, now seven, is of course thrilled. I just thought you should know what gifts your work can bring." 



From participants in Adam's Mediation Trainings

"Your training was excellent. It was fun and we learned so much - just what we needed! When can you come back?"



"Thank you so much for al your help the last couple of months. We desperately needed a calming influence, and you were truly one.  You helped me get out of what, I believe, was a bad marriage in a smart and efficient way. And for that I will always be grateful."

All the Best,



If you would like to find out more about Adam Berner's mediation and other conflict resolution and training services (in confidence), feel free to contact him by e-mail at Adam@Mediationoffices.com or telephone at (212)721-7555 or (201)836-0666.





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